Six Flags St. Louis – vintage commercials

Well, we’re in the heat of summer now. And nothing says Summer like a trip to the local theme park. And for me that was Six Flags (St. Louis). Let’s look back at a few commericals from the early days of Six Flags.

Screamin’ Eagle (1976)

My home theme park was Six Flags. At some point my local Six Flags changed from Six Flags Over Mid-America to Six Flags St. Louis. Even some of the old commercials / advertisements say “Six Flags St. Louis”, but I was pretty positive that they were using “Over Mid-America” during most of the 80s. Who knows?

Anyway, here’s an early commercial I found from “TelevisionArchives” on YouTube. This is way before I was even born. But, this shows off “The Screamin’ Eagle” which at the time was the longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster. It’s hard to believe that 42 years later this ride still exists. By my opinion it still is one of the best Wooden roller coasters out there.

This commercial shows some of the rides that no longer exist like “Mo-Mo the Monster“, “Hannibarrels“, “The SkyWay“, & “Water Street Cab Company“. They also really talk up their shows, which I don’t think I’ve sat and watched a show outside of their Christmas or Halloween shows since I was 10 years old. I’m guessing they still have them. I remember when I was younger watching a bunch of drama kids singing a cover of “Wake me up before you Go-Go”.

SkyChuter (1978)

I was barely a year old in 1978. However, this ride stuck around awhile. I do remember riding this with my Mom back in the 80s. There was barely any safety restraints. If I’m remember correctly, it was a cheap lap belt that went over you. That was it. If this was around today, you’d probably have a shoulder restraint come down over you.

This wasn’t a super exciting ride, you were basically on sitting on a bench with a parachute strapped to it. You would accend to the top of the tower and then come down. It didn’t drop down fast like a drop tower. It was a little faster, so it was fun, which gave you a nice view of the park.

This commercial highlights a couple other extinct attractions. Mississippi Adventures, which was a jungle cruise like ride, except riding down the Mississippi River and The Dolphin Show, which was replaced by a diving show, then a Robin Hood Stunt show, then just a place where Xcalibur resides now.

Jet Scream (1981)

I’ve talked about the Jet Scream before. It was the first looping roller coaster I ever rode. Many looping coasters today usually have at least 5 inversions including corkscrews and barrel-rolls. But, this one has one single loop. At the time, I thought it was a gigantic loop. But, I’m sure it wasn’t really that big.

I only got to ride this a few years before it moved on to Astroworld, then destroyed after Astroworld closed. It still remains one of my favorites because of the memories. Batman the Ride is sitting in its place today. It left in 1988. In 1989 a different looping coaster, The Ninja, moved in the park (in a different location)

Thunder River (1983)

In 1983, the Mississippi Adventure ride became “Thunder River”. In the early 80s a new type of water ride was created, a river rapids ride. Copies of these rides were made all throughout the Six Flags chain. This ride was basically riding a roulette wheel. You may be lucky and stay dry. Or, you’d be very unlucky and end up soaked.

I always remember wearing cheap denim shorts weren’t a great idea on this ride. Your legs would end up blue. There were many times when you’d get off this ride with your socks soaked. Squish Squish Squish while you walk. It definitely was a fun way to cool off when it was 99 degrees during the Summer. But, you’d be walking around leaving wet puddles on every other ride you’d get on.

Well, I hope you liked my look at some vintage Six Flags St. Louis commericals.