The Shamrock Shake – March McMadness

As far back as I can remember, McDonald’s has been serving the Shamrock Shake during March. It’s obviously a nod to St. Patrick’s Day. I look forward to it every year. It’s basically a green vanilla shake with a hint of mint.

The picture above is from 2008. McDonald’s introduced the McCafe beverages in their restaurants at the end of 2009. Since then their shakes included whipped cream and a cherry.

Shamrock Shake commerical – 1974

This is the earliest commercial I could find online. The Shamrock Shake was introduced in 1970.

Uncle O’Grimacey – 1977

Uncle O’Grimacey became a common McDonaldland commercial starting in 1977. He was Grimace’s uncle and would arrive in March to sell Shamrock Shakes. Don’t ask me where he was the rest of the year.

He was seen on several McDonaldland merchandise in the late 70s and 80s. And then he wasn’t heard from ever again.

Shamrock Shake Commercial – 1980

In 1980 they tried their luck with a Shamrock Sundae as well. Apparently, it did so poorly, they didn’t even attempt to try to bring it back again.

Shamrock Shake commercial – 1983

I found this commercial, but it almost appears to be a local area commercial instead of a national McDonald’s commercial.

Shamrock Shake commercial – 2012

This is the latest incarnation of the Shamrock Shake, complete with Whipped Cream and a Cherry.

In 2017 the introduced a few different flavors in addition to the Regular Shamrock Shake. They were Shamrock Chocolate Shake, the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, the Shamrock Mocha, and the Shamrock Hot Chocolate. Again, these flavors weren’t brought back.

This shake comes back every year, just like the McRib. So, don’t miss out, get it while you can!

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