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Dum-Dums – Holiday Pops

Posted on 20. Dec, 2017 by .


This post sucks. Get it? Yeah, 9 different flavors of dum-dum suckers just in time for Christmas. I don’t know if this is new this year or just a common thing. But, it looked like a great time to write a new post. So, lets look at the flavors we have: Merry Cherry, Sugar Plum, […]

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Kmart’s Merry Halloween-mas display

Posted on 20. Sep, 2017 by .


I love Halloween. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m ready to decorate right after Labor Day. Some would say it’s too early, but not for me. If you go into a store in early September, they’ll be clearing out the pencils and books for Skeletons, Pumpkins, and candy. Our story starts with […]

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smv logo

Saturday Morning Videos

Posted on 15. Aug, 2017 by .


Back in 1990, we were still in the hey-day of Saturday Morning Cartoons. ABC, CBS, NBC, & Fox all had a sweet lineup of cartoons. Look at this schedule (taken from Wikipedia). Either, I watched a lot of tv back in 1990, or this was just a prime year for me. Let’s see, I would […]

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1983 McDonald’s Space Explorer Calendar

Posted on 04. Aug, 2017 by .


My new obsession has been searching through old VHS tapes that were recorded back when I was a kid. The oldest ones I’ve found sofar have been from 1982. And today, I’m going to write a whole article about one of the products. Judging the title of this article, I’m sure you can figure out […]

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Fast Food Commercials from the early ’90s

Posted on 02. Jul, 2017 by .


So, I recently found a new VCR from a garage sale. I paid a hefty $1 for the thing. You see I’ve got boxes of VHS tapes from when I was a kid. I’ve been wanting to go through them and archive some of the old commercials and tv shows. You really don’t know how […]

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Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell

Posted on 26. Jan, 2017 by .


Superbowl Sunday is only a little over a week away. It’s time to add a new (junk) food to the lineup. Thanks to Taco Bell, they have introduced the new Naked Chicken Chalupa. The Naked Chicken Chalupa is basically a larger flattened out breaded chicken patty, formed into a shell shape. From that point they […]

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The Dogs pick out an Engagement Ring

Posted on 29. Apr, 2016 by .


So, I had this conversation with the dogs today…. GUS: Greg, Greg, Greg!!!! Me: What? What is it? GUS: Follow ME! I have something to show you! Me: I’ve seen your toy bone before. GUS: No, it’s not that.. Lulabell: Greg! this is important, come here now! In the kitchen Greg: Don’t you “bark” orders […]

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Rockstar Roasted (on an open Fire)

Posted on 10. Dec, 2014 by .


So, I’ve avoided all sodas and energy drinks in the past few months. It’s been water and beer for me. Well, also, the morning coffee. But, something about this one from Rockstar intrigued me. Perhaps there’s some subliminal advertising on it that I’m unaware of. Or maybe the word “ROASTED” in all CAPS gives me […]

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caramel apple

Caramel Apple Twizzlers

Posted on 19. Sep, 2014 by .


In this episode of half-assed tv, we try Caramel Apple Twizzlers.

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What does Shakeology Taste like?

Posted on 12. Sep, 2014 by .


If you’ve been a fan or read anything on this site, you may not think that I’m the healthiest person in the world. And you’d be right. I’m used to trying the latest candy, snacks, or beer. But, today, I thought I’d post my thoughts on Shakeology. For those that don’t know, Shakeology is like […]

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