80’s McDonalds Commercials – March McMadness

I’ve talked about McDonaldland before. In the 70s, McDonald’s used a fictional place called McDonaldland in their tv commercials. It was where all the characters like Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, etc. lived. In the 80s they redesigned the some of characters and kept Ronald in the real world instead of the trippy McDonaldland.

Back in the 80s, McDonald’s heavy used their characters on Saturday mornings during cartoons. Here’s some commercials that I ripped from VHS in my collections

McDonalds / Wild about Cheeseburgers – 1984

I remember these type of commercials when I was a kid. There was nothing better than seeing the Misadventures of Ronald and his friends. In this commercial, the Hamburglar decides to scare Ronald to get all his hamburgers. Of course Ronald is on to him, because he’s changing right in front of him. Also, he puts his cape and hat on after he dresses as a bear. Yeah, the hamburglar was never very smart.

McDonalds / Cheesburger Chorus – 1984

Speaking of the Hamburglar not being smart. Here he is again. Stealing burgers again. The thing is, he always gets caught, and never gets punished. Ronald basically buys him lunch after he tries to steal the burgers. That’d be like a robber that robs a bank and the police catch him. The police decide that what the hell, let’s give him the money he stole anyway. I wonder what the official policy is if you steal a burger at McDonalds. Someone let me know.

McDonalds / Little Engineer Happy Meal – 1987

McDonalds Happy Meals would have great toys and bad toys. Sometimes, you’d get a Hot Wheel car, mini lego set, or Disney toy. Then there were other times where McDonalds didn’t have a sponsored toy and they’d make their own. These were sometimes just awful. Here’s an example. I guess this was better than nothing. But, you received a plastic train car. I’m sure these cars are worth a fortune now since the toys were lost on the car ride home from McDonalds.

McDonalds / Daydream – 1987

I can’t say that I ever daydreamed about hanging out with Ronald and his friends. But, I had dreams of going to McDonalds. It was a game changer when Chicken McNuggets were added as a menu option in the early 80s. I ate them every time we went to McDonalds. I remember getting a Chicken McNugget happy meal before it was even on the menu. I don’t think I branched out to burgers until I was a teenager. However, I never had specific dreams of giving Grimace a hug or having Ronald push me on a swing. But, perhaps, I’m the rare one here.

Well, there you go. I hope you enjoyed checking out 4 old McDonald’s commercials from the 80s.