More 80s food commercials, volume 3779

Looking through 100s of VHS tapes takes time. One thing I’ve noticed when searching through a VHS from 1982 is there sure were a lot of drug commericals. There were commercials for Anacin 3, Bayer Aspirin, Tylenol, Dristan, etc. etc. I find most of those commercials boring and similar. But, in between all those ads, I found a bunch for food, which is something I can get behind. So, here’s 5 food related commercials from 1982.

Hershey’s Big Block

Do you remember the line of candy bars from Hershey’s called “Big Block”. They were awesome. These things were twice as thick as a normal candy bar. I never really liked the plain Hershey’s chocolate bar. The only way I liked it was in between marshmallow and graham cracker. My Big Block candy bar of choice was Krackel. My Grandma would buy these for me. When my Mom wasn’t around, Grandma would let me scarf these down without telling me it would spoil my dinner.

Jif Peanut Butter

Remember the Pepsi challenge of the 80s? Well, this wasn’t the only “challenge” that you’d find in grocery stores. You’d walk in the store and they’d want you to compare brand A to Brand B. Well, this commercial shows a “choosy mom” choosing Jif Peanut Butter over another brand. I know there’s lots of people out there are huge fans of Skippy. But, I think Jif is the best peanut butter. I could spread that stuff of Doritos and call it the most amazing thing ever. (Yes, I actually do that)


Being a child in the 80s there’s a few jingles and commercials that stuck in your head. One of them is “Move over Bacon!, there’s something leaner” (or in this commercial, something meatier). When you sat down at the table in the cafeteria between two people, it wouldn’t be uncommon to say “Move over Bacon!”. So, this slogan has been stuck in my head since I was 5 years old. I don’t think I ever tried Sizzlean ever in my life. We used real bacon in our household. This “fake bacon” was supposedly a healthy alternative to bacon and has since been discontinued.

La Creme Whipped Topping

Apparently, in the 80s we needed another whipped topping for our pies instead of just plain ol’ Cool Whip. This commercial remind me of poor advertising attempts in the 80s. You’re selling whipped cream. You need to put a cartoon robot character put it on a waffle. If they would of did this, I’m sure this would still be around today. Surprisingly, I researched this. Kraft got in trouble by saying “Real Cream” in their commercials. They had to change their advertising. See? This would of never happened with my Robot eating a waffle commercial.

Marshmallow Krispies

“Fruity marshmallow Krispies, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry, Grape. They’re snap, crackle and poppin over lots of fruit taste.” Another jingle stuck in my head from Childhood. It’s up there with the Juicy Fruit Gum theme, Fruity Yummy Mummy theme, and Wacky Wild Koolaid Style. However, looking this up, this cereal actually predates FRUITY Marshmallow Krispies. I never tried Marshmallow Krispies myself, but it’s simply Rice Krispies with Marshmallows in it. I was never much for Marshmallow cereals unless it’s called “Count Chocula”. If I can bring back any Krispies cereal, it’d be Strawberry Krispies for the 80s. I think it actually used the same flavoring as Smurfberry Crunch, which was also delicious. But, I think the both were discontinued for strange reasons.