Milky Way: Simply Caramel


It’s been awhile, okay, it’s been a long time. But, I’m finally back with a post. I have a slew of food reviews to give you this week, along with a music review to cap off the week. Starting off the week with Milky Way: Simply Caramel.

I would have to say Caramel & Chocolate is my favorite flavor combination, even more than chocolate & peanut butter or NyQuil & Tapioca. Caramelos, Rolos, & Caramel Hersey Kisses are some of the best candies. I love them. Suddenly, Milky Way Decided to get into the game.


Really, Milky way is great the way it is. Nugat covered with carmel and surrounded by chocolate. The only thing is add peanuts to a Milky Way, and you have a Snickers; Which is undoubtedly one of the best candy bars of all time. What could Milky Way do to compete? Remove an ingredient! That’s what they did.


Milky Way: Simply Caramel, is simply that; Caramel & Chocolate. And well, it’s delicious! The caramel is perfect, not too hard like a milk dud or rolo, but not crazy soft like a caramelo. I really don’t know what else to say. All, I know is it adds a longer decision making time when picking out a candy bar.