Back to Work


Well, for those that don’t know. I quit my job that I’ve been working at for over 12 years. Today is my first day of work at my new job. The last week & a half I’ve been off working doing various projects around the house. I installed a garbage disposal, painted a couple rooms, fixed a computer or 2, and other various things.

I’m kinda nervous starting a new job. Being at a place for over 12 years, I was able to make lots of friends. I could walk down the hall, knowing everyone I passed. Now I’ve got to start from scratch.

Of course there are many pluses. My new job is 2.7 miles away from my house. That means I’ll be driving 27 miles a week. The distance from my house to my old job was 35 miles. So, I’ll be saving tons of money in gas alone. Plus, more money and way more room for advancement.

In other words, I’m excited and nervous…. Wish me luck!