36 Days Until Halloween: Halloween Fruit Snacks


At Sams Club, I picked up a huge box of 42 fruit snacks. At this time of year, they carry Halloween fruit snacks instead of the normal Lego Snacks.


There’s nothing really exciting about these, except for the fact they have Halloween shapes.


Wow! These things are very good. These are probably some of the best fruit snacks I’ve had since, Sunkist Fun Fruits back in the 80s.

Speaking of Fun Fruits: I remember back when I was about 9 years old. It was the Christmas season (yeah, apparently, I’m going off the Halloween theme), and I was over at a parent’s friends house. I was playing on their Commodore 64, because, even back then I was a computer nerd. Since I was a leet hacker, I copied some of their games using my copy of Fast Hack’em. Their daughter came downstairs with a Christmas present for me. In previous years, they’d get me a little Christmas present, a small toy, like a generic transformer or a hot wheels knockoff. I ripped off the wrapping paper, and saw a box of Strawberry Fun Fruits.

Okay, yes, I like Fun Fruits, but it didn’t really seem like gift material. I mean, why would I get a present that’s openly available in my Mom’s pantry? Why not wrap up a box of toothpaste & toothbrush to go with it? Plus, I was 9 years old, Candy would of made more sense. Oh well, I realized in later years, they weren’t the best gifters. The following year I got a set of pencils. But, after the Fun Fruits incident, I wasn’t expecting much.

spider pumpkin ghost

cat bat

Getting back to the Halloween snacks. You can zoom in on all the shapes above. There’s spiders, pumpkins, ghosts, cats, bats, & witch’s hats. Unfortunately, my bag didn’t have any witches hats. The quality control manager at the fruit snack factory needs to be more alert. I want perfect portions per bag.