Branson… Day 2

YEah, I know, you’re really excited about my daily updates for my 4 day trip to Branson. So, Here goes Day number 2….

Today we started out grabbing our free breakfast at the hotel. It consisted of mini donuts & waffles. Woo! They weren’t the good make it yourself belgium waffles, they were frozen waffles. And they weren’t even Eggos. But, getting over that we headed to Silver Dollar City.

We started out by going on the Marvel Cave tour. It’s a real cave, I believe its the 3rd biggest in Missouri or something. It’s pretty big. I tried to get a few pictures, but I didn’t have much luck. It was just too dark. After the tour we rode a bunch of rides, picked up souvenirs & shopped around.

We left the park and ended up at Downtown Branson. There’s a place called Branson Landing. It’s basically an outdoor mall with your normal mall stores. We shopped around there for awhile and checked out their water / fire show. It’s pretty neat if you’re into that kind of thing. I just don’t get attraction of dancing water. Not my thing I guess.