Branson, Day 3

Well, today we woke up looked outside and realized it was only 42 degrees outside. We were planning on going out on a boat on Table Rock Lake for a four hour fishing trip. It seemed like a bad idea since it’s usually cooler out on the water, especially when it’s all cloudy. But, me, Jeff & my dad went out anyway. It was so freaking cold.

We were out there the full four hours. The whole time, neither one of us caught a fish. We didn’t even get a bite or a nibble. It was still a pretty fun time. A couple of ducks came up to our boat out of nowhere. All I had to feed them were some 100 calorie ritz snack crackers. They seemed to like them better than the usual crust of rye bread that most people give them. You can see that in the video above. You could also see how bundled up I am.

We went back to Silver Dollar City after we got back. The park was so crowded. I couldn’t believe the change from just a couple days ago. On Thursday it took us 5 minutes or less to get on any ride in the park. Today it took 20 minutes just to get on some this leap from kiddie ride that my nephew, Logan, wanted to go on.

After a long day at the park we ended up at “The Golden Corral”. My dad loves buffets for some reason, so we end up going to them a lot we him. I don’t know if you ever been to a Golden Corral, but they have litterally everything on their super food bar. I had a little of everything, from Bourban Chicken to Pepperoni pizza. Then I had a Caramel Sundae to finish up the meal. Holy crap am I stuffed!!