Day 1 in Branson….

Well, We got into Branson about 2:30pm. We didn’t have much time to really do anything. But, we ended up going to Silver Dollar City for a few hours. Since it’s been about 17 years since I’ve been there, I was excited to check out some of their new rollercoasters. They’ve got 3 new ones since I’ve been there.

I went on 2 of the newest offerings yesterday, “Wildfire” and “Powder Keg”. I loved Wildfire. It’s a huged looping steel rollercoaster on the side of a cliff. It’s very scenic. The other, “Powder Keg”, is shown above. It shoots you from 0 – 70mph in 1 second. It’s pretty fast. Of course, I’ll have a more in depth review at a later time.

Other than that, we just ate at some big buffet. Today it should be more eventful. I’ll keep everyone up to date.