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Posted on 09. Jul, 2007 by in Half-Assed Posts

Hey everyone…

I promise to get 2 new articles by the end of the week. I’ve just had some car problems, and well, it’s summertime. Instead of being inside with the computer, I feel like being outside. I did happen to get this yesterday:

Krusty-O's Cereal!

Unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky ones to have a 7-11 that turned into a Kwik-E-Mart near me. But, all 7-11’s do have the cool Simpsons products. I picked a box of Krusty-O’s Cereal. There was only 2 left. I didn’t look for the other merch, but I’ll have to check out 7-11 when I have more change in my pocket. It’s something I’ll never open and will sit in my Kitchen for ages. I wish it had the same label on the front as it does on the cartoon though, “Now With Flesh Eating Bacteria”. But, I can live without it.

– Greg

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  1. Angie

    12. Jul, 2007

    Greg Says: ‘I promise to get 2 new articles by the end of the week.’

    Angie Says: ‘ No way that’s gonna happen. Greg lied again.’ 😛

    Greg Says: ‘D’Oh! (or, Insert some other ridiculous comment about the Simpsons or Seinfeld here’

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