Fourth of July on Cybertron!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

It’s nice having a day off, but It kinda sucks because it’s a Wednesday and I gotta go back to work tomorrow. Holidays are better when the fall on a Friday or Monday so it extends my weekend. What did you do for the 4th? Anything fun. I blew off my fireworks last weekend. So, today, I saw… The Transformers.

Autobots... Roll Out!

Yes, the toy/cartoon I loved in my youth finally came to the big screen. I was a little worried because of a few things. The whole thing was sponsored by GM. So, in other words, all the vehicles that we loved, are all GM vehicles. Also, Megatron changes into a Jet instead of a Gun. But, I decided to go into the theater not expecting much. I was expecting to go in, and see my beautiful childhood ruined by Michael Bay & Steven Speilberg. I thought the whole thing would just be crap.

So, I saw the movie. And, I was totally wrong!! I suddenly found myself not caring that the transformers story was ‘tweaked’ a little for the big budget hollywood movie. I liked this movie a lot! Although, there were a few corny parts that just didn’t seem to fit in a transformers movie. But, other than that, I really enjoyed it. Angie said she liked it too, although, she said she would have enjoyed it more if she didn’t have to pee 10 minutes into the film. hahah.. But, she didn’t want to get up.

Only time will tell if they do as good of job with upcoming movie renditions of Thundercats & He-Man.

– Greg