Fast Food Commercials from the early ’90s

So, I recently found a new VCR from a garage sale. I paid a hefty $1 for the thing. You see I’ve got boxes of VHS tapes from when I was a kid. I’ve been wanting to go through them and archive some of the old commercials and tv shows. You really don’t know how much of a task that is. Apparently between the ages of 11-17, my labeling of tapes was horrible. Yes, I’ve got tons of tapes labelled just “Simpsons”, but if I go through, I’ll find an old episode of “Yo Yogi”. And today was one of those occasions. Forwarding through the Simpsons, I found an episode of “Saturday Morning Videos” which I think to be around August 1990. I’ll put up another article about that particular gem later. But, today we look at Fast food ’90s fast food commercials.

Burger King / Free Coke Glass – 1991

Lots of restaurants used to give away free glasses back in the day. I remember getting Coke glasses from McDonalds as well as these particular glasses from Burger King. In fact I remember these glasses were actually really nice. However, don’t think about putting these in the dishwasher. We made that mistake. As I recall we broke a few of these glasses from our dishwasher. Usually promotions like this today will require you to pay $2 a glass or something, for a higher quality glassware. I know this because I’ve got a collection of McDonald’s Disney & Shrek glasses somewhere in the basement collecting dust.

Hardees / New Subs – 1991

Tony thinks his subs are top-notch. Anyone who would get their sub sandwiches anywhere else is crazy. Well, Tony makes his way to Hardees and learns that their subs are awesome. So, back in 1991, apparently Hardees had subs. I don’t really remember. However, I do remember Hardees having a Turkey club sandwich that I loved, which is no longer on the menu. I think that left when the whole Carl’s Jr / Hardees merger took place. Now they are just known for their insanely large burgers that feel like you just ate a cinder block.

Pizza Hut / Delivery – 1991

So, don’t quote me on this, but here’s what I remember when it came to pizza. In my small town of Arnold, MO we had a couple local pizza places and a Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut was king for a long time. But, then came a Dominos Pizza. Domino’s would deliver the pizza right to your door. Wow! What a concept. They also had free delivery and 30 minutes or less (or your pizza was free). Anyway, this commercial is definitely taking a shot at Dominos Pizza. If you ask me it Pizza Hut saying, “Oh Yeah, you deliver pizzas??? Well, we can too, but better!”. Since this is long before I was ordering my own pizza, I don’t really know the timeline. So, instead of looking it up, I’m just going to go with my story. And that’s pizza history.

Zipps Drive Thru / Chicken Sandwich – 1991

This is a really short commercial. But, since Zipps is no longer around, I thought I’d upload this one. They were strictly a drive-thru restaurant. They had a drive up on both sides of the building and a walk up window in the middle. Here in Missouri, several of the Zipps Restaurants became Rally’s. The best thing about Zipps was their french fries with the crispy seasoning. When they became Rally’s, they had nearly identical fries. I’m assuming they still have them, but I haven’t gone to a Rally’s in about 10 years.

Red Lobster / Alaskan Crab Rush – 1991

So, I wouldn’t exactly call Red Lobster, “Fast Food”, but I put in on here anyway. Back in the day, it was a big event when we got to go out to Red Lobster. I remember we would go on a Friday in the peak of Lent. There’d be what seemed like hundreds of people waiting for a seat. I didn’t mind so much, because the Red Lobster that we would go to had 2 cocktail arcade games. For those that don’t know, a normal arcade game cabinet requires you to stand up to play. A Cocktail table is a sitdown table, that you can set drinks on top of, and there were controllers on either side of the table. They had Pac-Man & Donkey Kong 3. Donkey Kong 3 still remains a favorite game of mine. Instead of jumping barrels, you are spraying bug spray at DK.

Now when I think of Red Lobster, I feel like ugghh. It all seems fried and well, frankly not my favorite. Why did I ever think this place was “fancy”? I guess I still wouldn’t turn down their Cheddar Biscuits, though.

Thank you for checking out these old commercials.