Pork Steak BBQ Potato Chips

Pork Steaks are a staple in the St. Louis area. It’s a cheap and delicious cut of meat that is the staple of almost every barbecue around here. Although, unless you live around the midwest, you’ve probably never heard of pork steaks. A Pork Steak is the Shoulder part of the pig, most commonly used for pulled pork, but instead cut into steaks.

Local St. Louis potato chip company, Old Vienna, is known for their chips around here. My favorite is their red hot riplet chips. They have created a new flavor to celebrate our favorite cut of meat; Pork Steak BBQ Potato Chips.

The chips themselves look like normal barbecue potato chips. The flavor?! Awesome! I’m surprised at how good these actually are. I’ve had chips that tasted like meat before. But, normally, they taste like a cigar that’s been sitting on the floor of a public restroom. These chips, however, are actually pretty spot on to the taste of a pork steak. They’ve got the barbecue & smokey taste. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually recommending these.

– Greg