Lays – Vote to Save your Fave Chips


So, recently, Lays had a contest to come up with new flavors for their potato chips. Three lucky people have had their flavors chosen to be the 3 finalists. The 3 flavors they came up with are Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha. Now, Lays wants everyone to try the 3 flavors and vote for their favorite. That’s what I’m doing today! Since chip flavoring distribution is pretty random, I’ll try a minimum of 3 chips of of each bag.


First on the agenda: Cheesy Garlic Bread

I like the idea, a cheesy garlic-y chip actually sounds like it would be pretty good.
Smell: The chips themselves smell pretty much like garlic chips would.
Taste: They taste like a cheesy chip flavor that I’ve had before. I really don’t get much garlic flavor from these. These are good but not anything special. They remind me nothing of cheesy garlic bread, though.

13 - 2

Next: Chicken & Waffles

To be honest, this is the one I’m most looking forward to. It’s the most obscure flavor. I enjoy eating chicken and waffles, but lets see how they are in the form of a chip.
Smell: You can really smell the maple syrup and a hint of saltiness.
Taste: I can taste the syrup flavor, but not really any chicken. These basically taste like a normal salty chip dipped in syrup. I get nothing from these. Not really digging them. It’s sad, because I was really hoping for a winner here. But, I know we’ve had some winners and losers before when trying to flavor a chip with meat.

13 - 5

Lastly: Sriracha

For those that don’t know, Sriracha is a hot chili sauce usually found at Thai restaurants. Let’s see how this one competes.
Smell: There’s no denying that smell, these are definitely Hot Sriracha sauce.
Taste: Wow! These work really well. They’ve got quite a kick to them, but they taste very good. I don’t know how else to describe them but a hot chili pepper chip. I think we found where my vote is going.

So, I’ve decided that Sriracha is my favorite chip. But, lets see if we can make some combo flavors with these three chips and make something even better

13 - 1

Chicken & Waffles with Cheesy Garlic Bread: Yeah, that’s no good. 2 wrongs just don’t make a right.
Cheesy Garlic Bread with Sriracha: Okay, I think we’ve got something here. A Spicy Cheesy garlic mix. I works pretty well. This definitely enhances the Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips.
Sriracha with Chicken & Waffles: I actually think this works a little better as well. Normally, I use hot sauce when I’m eating Chicken & Waffles for real, this gives it a little better punch.

So, in wrapping up; I suggest the Sriracha chips. And the other 2 flavors can be greatly enhanced by eating them simultaneously with the Sriracha chips.

Crunch on!

– g