Creepy Cartoon – Pigs Is Pigs

When I was younger, I remember watching old Looney Tunes cartoons all the time on Saturday mornings and before school. Not only did I love them, but they were the only thing on tv. Now kids have access to about any cartoon, any time of day. I would assume they would choose watching something new over watching a cartoon made in the 40s or 50s.


This particular cartoon always sticks in my mind as one of the creepiest looney tunes shorts. Most of the shorts had some laughs in it. But, I remember this one just being kind of scary to a kid. I was thinking about this cartoon again today, realizing I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. So, with the help of youtube, I was able to bring back some childhood memories. Although, it doesn’t seem as creepy as I remember it when I was a kid; it’s still kinda disturbing. Anything is disurbing that includes a mad scientist strapping a pig to a chair and forcing him to eat tons of food.