Drawing with Sparklers

Who would of thought we had the most fun on the 4th of July with sparklers? I guess they’re a step above snakes, and 2 steps above snap pops. It all had to do with my camera’s fireworks setting.


It keeps the shutter open for a longer time, leaving the trail of fire that you moved the sparkler with your hands. Sure, you could do something easy like circles. Here’s Logan drawing some circles.


Lexi decided to draw the letter “L”. It turned out really well.


Of course, not to be outdone, I had to draw my own initial. The letter “G”. Of course, one thing about drawing letters for the camera, you have to draw backwards.


So, Lexi had to try to one-up me, by drawing a heart. Yeah, I think it looks more like a butt. hahah..


Of course Josh blew all our drawings away with a perfect “star”. Unfortunately, it was after this that we ran out of sparklers. Maybe next year I’ll get a chance to draw a Salvador Dali replica.

Happy 4th!