The Hangover Review

the hangover

It seems that lately, all I’ve been doing is doing movie reviews. I’ll have to change that soon. But, not today.

Last night I went out to see the movie, “The Hangover”. It’s about 4 guys who go to Vegas for an all night bachelor party. They wake up in their trashed hotel. Their friend who’s getting married is missing. None of them can remember anything. So, they have to piece together clues to figure out what they did and where their friend is. They find clues like a tiger in their bathroom and a baby in a closet.

It’s basically a drunken mystery. There’s approximately 99 WTF? moments in this movie. I really liked this movie. I would say say its definitely going to be the condender for comedy movie of the summer. Anyway, check it out. If you like Old School, or basically any drunken comedy you’ll like this one.