Jalapeno Popper Doritos


The 7-11 near my brother’s house has the best deal ever! They have Any Size Slurpee for 88 cents. I love Slurpees, and I wonder why anyone would get smaller than the biggest size, 40 ounce, since it’s only 88 cents.

Anyway, while getting my Coke mixed with wild cherry Slurpee, I noticed a new bag of Doritos, “Last Call Jalapeno Poppers. This is the 2nd in the “Late Night” line of Doritos. They also have a “Tacos at Midnight” Flavor. I guess the Frito Lay people are fans of the drunk food. Because, one of my favorite places to go after a night of drinking is “Jack in the Box”. They have both stuffed jalapeno poppers & cheap tacos.

Anyway, as far as this flavor, I’d have to say they’re pretty bland. Something that has jalapeno in the flavor should be way hotter than these. They basically taste like cream cheese sprinkled with a tiny jalapeno flavor. They’re definitely not as good as their Jalapeno Cheddar flavor. Do they even make that flavor anymore? I remember man mornings going into work with a 99 cent bag of Jalapeno Cheddar 3D Doritos & a big Code Red Mountain Dew. Talk about your breakfast of champions.

What’s your favorite flavor?