Twix Java

Well, I’ve been sick the past couple days. I haven’t eaten a thing since 2 days ago. I guess that’s not good for you, but I just haven’t been hungry. Anyway, I was going to write a full article on the following review, but there wasn’t enough there for a full article.


Today’s short little review is on the limited edition Twix Java. You see, twix is probably my favorite candy bar. Caramel + Chocolate = Delicious. Plus, you get 2 candy bars instead of one. What could be better?

2 bars

Instead of the cookie, caramel & chocolate, this twix has a chocolate cookie and coffee caramel. I’m not exactly sure how they mix caramel & coffee together, but they do it, and it’s great!

the cookie & caramel

I really wish this wasn’t a limited edition twix. It is really good, which makes this review kinda boring. It almost tastes like a caramel macchiato from starbucks. I had my friends, Josh & Lori try it too. They were both impressed with it too. So, if you like Twix, and you like caramel. You’ll love this. A+