Will I be snowed in?

Hey readers…..

Just a quick update. Oh and a question. Why is it, that every time the weather forecast calls for snow, the grocery store is packed with crazy people? There was tons of people getting the essentials: milk, bread, eggs, etc. As if they don’t have this stuff at home. I mean we live in a pretty civilized time. It’s 2008, there is no getting snowed in anymore, is there? Just wait around a few hours and your streets will be plowed. Besides, if you are snowed in, most people are within a couple miles of a grocery store. If they really are starving, they can walk to the store. “We were snowed in for 5 hours, our only choice was to result to cannibalism”.

Anyway, I should have a new article up here soon. I saw a great movie tonight. No spoilers on what it is today. But, I think I can dedicate a whole entire article to it. Stay tuned…