A half-assed update


It’s been way way way too long without a proper update to my site. Yes, I’m sorry about that. I haven’t written an article in about a month and I still haven’t written my annual x-mas loot article.

So, I’ve decided to start making more frequent updates to this site. I’m going to try to do a once a week article like I used to. We’ll see how that works out. When I first opened this site to the public back in 2005, I was going to work everyday and going to school every night. I was able to keep more updated then. There’s absolutely nothing on TV with the writers strike, so there’s really no excuse for me.

Also, I know I’ve said this many times, but I’m finally going to be more regular with half-assed tv. I updated the half-assed tv page. Of course, I still don’t have anything new. But, I think my problem was editing all the segments, skits, commercials into one single show. I’m going to start just releasing short segments. I’m hoping to start getting my first new segment up in the next couple weeks. I have the half-assed tv page linked to youtube also, so if someone comments on youtube it automatically gets posted to the HATV page, how nifty!

Anyway, I guess I’ll put my xmas loot article up soon. Of course, it’ll probably turn into a huge review of guitar hero 3. Have you played this game? Holy crap it’s addictive! I think I got carpal tunnel from the constant strumming motion. So, I’ll get that up in a few days.