Crappy New Year!

Hey Everyone out there reading this…

bad luck..

Well, today marks a close to the first week (7days) of 2008. I must say, it hasn’t been the greatest start to a year. Lets see, things that have been horrible in 2008:

* My blower motor went out on my car. It was like 10 degrees below zero last week, and I have no heat in my car. You can’t imagine how uncomfortable it is driving while you’re shivering.
* Review the World has shut its doors. Yep, that’s right no more Brian will continue his blog though. Sad to see you go!
* Another car problem: My alternator belt broke on my car. Therefore, my car would not run. It’s a big pain in the ass to change belts on my car. I had to remove one of the wheels to fix this. It was also 10 degrees outside when we were trying to fix this.
* My girlfriend of 1 1/2 years dumped me. I’ve got the blues pretty bad right now. I miss her very much. I hope we can continue to be friends. She is one of the nicest, sweetest girls I’ve ever met. I can only wish her the best.

So, hopefully things get better for me the rest of the year.