5 more days…


Okay Okay…..

There’s exactly 5 more days until Christmas. I don’t have all of my Christmas shopping done! I also haven’t written a single article this month. I even promised 3 articles before Christmas. Hmmm… Any bets to see if I will actually have 3 done before Christmas? I guess I’ll have to have a new years resolution to pay more attention to this site. Sure, these small little blog entries show that I’m still alive, but I really need to write more articles. 2008 will be different. But, I will still try to get you 3 more before Christmas. We’ll see if it really happens.

It seems this year that we’ll be doing Christmas with my family a few days later. So, my annual Christmas loot article may be later than it usually is. Geez… it sure is a busy time of year.