Funny Christmas Sketches

Throughout the Years, Saturday Night Live has had some great Christmas episodes. Who could forget Jim Belushi playing a drunk Santa at the mall or Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein singing Christmas carols. Well, today I take a look at a few of my favorite sketches that I could find. I have a Mad TV one mixed into the bunch. So, Enjoy the show…

NPRs Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls

First up is Alec Baldwin talking about his Schweddy Balls. I’ve probably seen this sketch about 20 times since it’s aired, and well it makes me laugh every time. The NPR DJs are spot on. This has many double entendres from the same exact word.

Charlie Brown Christmas

Here’s a ‘TV Funhouse’ clip from SNL. I found this last Christmas. I’ve never seen it on tv. In fact, you can’t find it on NBC’s website. So, who knows how long this video will be active before it’s taken down. But, this pretty much makes fun of the kids decorating the tree at the end of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. From that we find that they have “awesome powers”. This shows you what everyone has thought about Peppermint Patty for years.

Matt Foley as Santa

Here’s the comic genius, Chris Farley, as Santa Claus. Here he plays “Matt Foley”, everyone’s favorite motivational speaker, who lives in a Van Down by the River. He gives the kids a lesson about life isn’t all rushing to get your Christmas presents. It’s usually a stocking filled with “Jack Squat!”

Raging Rudolph

You gotta love this parody of Rudolph. It’s if the story of Rudolph was part Godfather, part Goodfellas and part Casino. It’s the bloodiest version of Rudolph you’ll ever see.

Lost Ending to “It’s a Wonderful Life”

It’s a wonderful life is actually one of my favorite Christmas movies. Back in the day, it used to be on TV during the Christmas season about 1000 times. Now, it must be owned by some larger distributor or something. Because, it’s hardly on TV anymore. Anyway, this sketch is the lost ending. See what happens to Mr. Potter after the town finds out he’s the one who took the $8000 dollars.

Special Christmas Present

I probably watched this clip about 100 times last Christmas. I couldn’t believe that it was actually an SNL clip. Apparently when it was on TV, it was censored. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this clip yet, you must of been living under a rock, because it was all over the internet last year. My favorite part is the end when they list all the places they are… “Backstage at the CMA’s a dick in the box!”

So…. that about does it for my little Christmas clip show. I hope you liked the videos. Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Christmas funnies are.

– Greg