My Car is Paid Off!

Hey Peeps…

Well, a few weeks ago I sent in my final payment for my car. Exactly 2 weeks later, my car started falling apart. My spedometer has gone out which I just had replaced. I’m sure there’s many other fun things to look forward to. Anyway, today I got a envelope in the mail from GMAC. I figured it was going to be the title for my car.

My big Check!

No, it wasn’t my title. It was a check. Apparently, I overpaid my final bill……
by 1 penny! Holy crap, it cost them more to send this thing then the check itself. Anyway, click on the image above to zoom in. I thought it was pretty funny. I can’t imagine that I would cash it in at my bank. It just would look pathetic.

Bank teller: “would you like that deposited into your savings account or checking account?”
Greg: “No, I think I’ll just take the penny. Now, I finally have enough to pay off those pesky student loans”

– Greg