Ice Cream Oreos

Every once in awhile a strange food item just falls in your lap. I was going camping last weekend, so I went over to my parents house to pick up a couple camping supplies that I didn’t have. My dad gave me some strange Oreos, and said “Take these with you”. I wondered why any normal person would buy these. When original Oreos are just perfect on their own. Anyway, I knew I had to share these with you. Well, share my thoughts, not my cookies.

First up are Creamsicle Oreos. I think everyone knows what a creamsicle is. If you don’t it’s an Orange popsicle with vanilla ice cream in the middle. The popsicle is awesome, now lets see how the cookie compares.

Here you can see they opted to use a vanilla cookie instead of the normal chocolate cookie. And on the inside is a mix of orange & vanilla cream.

Actually, these things taste wonderful. I really like these oreos. They’re a lot better than I thought they’d be. But, I have to say that I’m also a fan of the rare but delicious orange hostess cupcakes.

So, Orange is pretty much my thing. I even like the color so much that I painted my living room orange, although, that wasn’t my best idea. Although, it really makes sense during the Halloween season, any other time It just makes my house look like the inside of an “Orange Leaf”.

The second flavor is Rainbow “Shure, Bert”. I wondered why they went with a weird spelling of Sherbert? Of course, I just looked up Sherbert, and that spelling is wrong as well. Who knows if it’s supposed to be Sherbet, Sorbet or Sherbert. And really, who cares? Perhaps someone named “Bert” came up with this idea.

Here’s the inside of the Rainbow Shure Bert cookie. All I see is red and green, but people tell me I’m color blind. I would think for something with rainbow in the title would have more than 2 colors. Roy G. Biv would be angry!

You know what? This oreo is pretty disgusting. The flavors don’t go together at all. I tastes kind of like rainbow sherbert, but it really doesn’t go together with a cookie. They should of scrapped this idea and fired the guy who ever thought of this. Luckily, it says “Limited Edition” on these, so they shouldn’t be around for long in theory. But, I think people will avoid these anyway, and they’ll just collect dust on the store shelves.