Candy Cane Oreos


Who doesn’t like Oreo Cookies? Probably insane people. I mean, they’re delicious! And the generic ripoffs are just not the same. So, Nabisco (ding) decided to dress their cookies up for Christmas. They came up with Oreo Candy Cane cookies.

cookie split bite

Theses Oreo’s have a snowflake stamped on the side, and a 2 tone (red & white) speckled cream on the inside. The red cream tastes absolutely no different than the white cream. But, I’m sure there’s people out there that taste a difference. Just like M&Ms, the green ones taste no different than the others.

So, these things taste great. I’m a big fan of Mint chocolate anything. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream is my favorite and I love Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. They aren’t like the ice cream, and they’re not exactly thin mints. The taste is somewhere in between. All I can say, is I’ve had the box for a couple days, and I’ve got about 4 cookies left.