Sweating my ass off

the warped tour 2007

Well, tomorrow, I’m going back to the warped tour again. This will be my 12th year going. I’ve gone every year since 1996. So, I’ve actually been every year it’s been existence except for the first year. So, I guess that gives me street cred or something. Anyway, I know, last year I said I was getting too old for this. But a couple of my friends asked if I wanted to go with them. I said what the hell. Of course, it’s supposed to be 105 degrees tomorrow. So, it’s going to be pretty freaking hot! I plan on burning up and possibly passing out. Yeah, it should be great. (thats sarcasm btw)

So, I’ll have my 3rd annual warped tour review up here sometime in the days after. You’ll get to see all my pictures of the freaks, geeks, punks & dweebs. The bands I’m looking forward to are: Bad Religion, The Unseen, & The Matches. We’ll see what other bands surprise or disappoint me.

’til then…