‘Green’ Commercials

Hello Everyone,

Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend (aka drunk fest 2007), I figured I’d do a ‘Green‘ themed article. So, in today’s article we’ll take a look at some ‘Green‘ commercials. No, not environmentally friendly or green party commercials. But, these commercials all have some sort of Green Reference included.

Fruity Pebbles (now with lime green)

Behold the biggest mistake Post has made. They added lime to Fruity Pebbles. I used to ‘love’ this cereal. It was always one of the top 5 cereals I’d make my Mom buy at the store. Unfortunately, during the lime craze in the mid 80s, they added lime pebbles to the mix. I think it totally ruined the flavor. They’re too overpowering. Anyway, the commercial parodies Crocodile Dundee. You would think Fred would stop being generous to ‘strangers’ by giving them his Pebbles. But, unfortunately, he falls for it every time, and gives Barney the Pebbles. But, Barney usually screws up his costume, and blows his chances for some cereal. In this rare instance, Dino is the one that blows it for Barney.

Nerf Slingshot (with Seth Green)

Okay, have you picked up on the them yet. This is one of Seth Green‘s first commercials when he was starting out in Hollywood. I think this one was made after he was made famous as a crazy cashier in a Rally’s commercial. Anyway, check out the awesome ‘skater’ haircut. I guess, I can’t say anything, my hair was like that back in the day. Watch him shoot nerf balls at mimes & girls at the mall. This commercial is so cool…. NOT! (Wayne’s World called, they want their phrase back)

M & M’s (the green ones)

Here’s a classic commercial. I couldn’t find it in good quality. But, I remember this back from my little league days. According to this commercial, if you eat green M&Ms, you’ll hit a home run. My question is: Why would you eat any other of the M&Ms? I remember trying this, and well, I struck out. I guess it works differently for me.

Yahoo Music (Green Day)

This commercial isn’t too old, but it’s still pretty neat. It’s also relevant to this article. It reminds me of an 8 bit video game. Green Day really needs to come out with a new album soon, though. I’ve heard ‘September Never Ends’ about 5 billion times. They need something new, please!

Lucky Charms (Four Leaf Clover Giveaway)

Lucky Charms has changed a lot over the years. I remember back in the 80s when Lucky got kicked by a horse and next thing we knew, there was marshmallow purple horseshoes. He was trapped by the kids, so he used a red hot air balloon. So, they added marshmallow red balloons. In this commercial, they have a pretty sweet giveaway. Who wouldn’t want their own four-leaf clover? I know I would, and it was real! How did the people at Lucky Charms grow thousands of these things?

Green Jello (Cereal Killer cd/cassette/vhs)

This band was a strange band at the time. Very Gwar like. They made videos for every single song on their cd. From Anarchy in Bedrock to the Misadventures of Shitman. Their break through single was the “three little pigs“. I remember hearing it many times on the radio. I was one of the kids requesting the thing. Then Jello brands sued them and they became Green Jelly. Although, they’re still Green Jello to me.

Green Giant (corn)

I sure miss these commercials. I mean, it’s like a huge marketing campaign is completely gone! What happened to sprout? What happened to the Green Giant. Unless, I’ve been missing new commercials, I haven’t seen either one of these characters since the 80s. I know Green Giant is still around. Bring the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout back!! Please!

Coca-Cola (Mean Joe Green)

This commercial has been voted the number one commercial of all time on many lists of number ones. I wouldn’t say it’s the best commercial of all time. But, it’s one of the most recognizable. It’s also been parodied many times. I still don’t understand why the kid insisted on giving him his Coke. I guess Coke just makes the whole world smile.

Well, that’s the end of my Green segment. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh and remember: Green Beer + Green Beer + Green Beer + Green Beer + Green Beer = Green Puke.