Where is our tribute?

My Car..

Hondo: This is a bunch of bullshit! I can’t believe it’s been like over 3 weeks since Greg has had a real article up on this website. And now I’m getting emails from Josh saying that I need to put something up. Aww… Shit!

Yea, it's me hondo!

Hondo: Hey Bruce! Can you believe this crap?! Josh is totally right! Greg needs to put up an article now. Or… Or… I’m going to blow up his webserver. Yeah that’s it.


Bruce: I agree. Just look at this heavy artillary we have. We can do some real damage to his webserver. All I gotta do is load a missile into ‘ol Rhino here, and it’s curtains for this stupid website.


Hondo: Did you just say curtains? What are you a 40’s style gangster? Whats wrong with you dude?

Bruce: I guess it’s we’ve never gotten our own tribute. That, and I’m totally pissed about there not being any new articles up in a long time!

Hondo: Yeah, so, I think we’ll have to make an ultimatum to Greg.

Bruce: Look over there, can you believe that?..

Hondo: What now?!

the boat

Bruce: That jackass, Dusty, left his boat out of his jeep again. It seems like we’re always the one that have to jam that stupid boat back into his jeep. What a pain in the ass!


Hondo: Can we get back to what we were talking about?!

Bruce: Okay fine… It’s just such a pain to put that stupid boat away. How often do we need a really need a boat?

Hondo: Shutup for a minute. Okay heres the deal. If Greg doesn’t post a new article within the next 4 hours, I’m going to blow up his webserver, and no more halfassedproductions.com muahahahahah!!!

Bruce: YEAH.. And, it better be an article we aprove of. Something about us! The clock is ticking, bitch!