Jones Soda Valentines Day Pack 2006

Valentines Day will be here in a few days, so I decided to write a Valentines-themed article. It’s hard for me to appreciate Valentines Day, since I’m single. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to buy roses, candy or jewelry for someone. But, I decided to get a ‘couple’ to help me out with this one.

The Jones Soda Company, with another Holiday Themed soda

Yep, Jones Soda is back again. This time they have a Valentine’s Day themed Pack. The pack is filled with the most ‘romantic’ stuff the Jones Soda company could think of. Here’s what’s included in the pack: 2 bottles of Love Potion #6 Soda, a book of Love Coupons, Love Potion #6 lip balm, & a cd of love songs.

to Josh & Kim from

I decided to give this pack to my friends Josh & Kim. Although, a 12 pack of Natural light probably would work better to get them in the mood, they appreciated the gesture.

Love Coupons

Here’s an example of the Love coupons they provided in the box. This one pictured above is for 1 hour of Extended Spooning. There’s no expiration date on these, so I guess these can be used at any time. The other coupons were as follows:

Your Favorite Meal – (Prepared by Master Chef_____)

5 Minutes of Uninterupted Gazing into each other’s eyes (unless in public where goopy-eye time will be reduced to 2 minutes)

1 Magical Argument Ender (When you hand me this, I have to shut up, No matter how much sense you aren’t making. Magic!)

Extreme Toilet Makeover (Because nothing says lovin’ like sparkling porcelain)

Overlord of the Remote Contol (Baby, tonight it’s all yours)

1 trip to the Video Store (I will let you rent whatever you want, no objections.)

1 trip to the Zoo ( I will let you let you look at whatever animal you want, no objections.)

There’s also a coupon for a free photo on a bottle of Jones Soda. You send them the photo, they print it on 2 bottles of soda.

Lip Balm

Kim tried out the lip balm. She said it was very sweet. But she enjoyed it. Apparently she must of needed a new stick of lip balm.

Romantic Setting

So, here’s the romantic setting for you to enjoy your Love Potion #6 Soda. It’d be much better to do this in the evening, but a snowy morning can be just as romantic.


So, Josh poured the soda for him & his Valentine, Kim. Pop in the included romantic cd to add to the mood.


So, they drank the Love Potion #6. They both thought it was really good. I’m sure glad the folks at Jones didn’t decide to make a human heart flavored soda for Valentines Day.

gimme that!

Okay, screw all this romantic crap for a second. I gotta try this stuff. I tasted it, and boy was it good. It reminded me of Cherry flavored FlavorICE pops. It would be something I would definitely drink all the time, that is if I drank soda.

Caleb ...

Of course, when Kim & Josh’s boys saw me drinking it, they wanted to try it too. Caleb wanted more after he finished it up.

Eli drinking

Eli loved the stuff too. I couldn’t disagree with him.

Okay, I guess I should get back to the romantic setting. So, if you have the mood just right with candles, Love Potion #6 Soda & the romantic cd….

Cop a feel

You might be able to cop a feel, and she won’t even mind! Click on the picture above for a small clip from the cd. The song is called ‘brighter than sunshine’ by the band Aqualung.

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!

– Greg –