Nothing new today, sorry

Posted on 30. Jan, 2006 by in Half-Assed Posts

There haven’t been many updates on my site lately. Sorry, bout that. I’ve been busy with TV, a new mp3/video player, sirius radio, & some side computer jobs. I just need to get my priorities straight I guess. Anyway, I should be putting up a few new articles this week. So, stay tuned.

– G

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  1. bogie

    04. Feb, 2006

    Hey G-Man,
    give me a call. I got a question to ask you. No, “could you be my Dj” is not in the question!!!!

  2. Greg

    05. Feb, 2006

    Okay Dude, I’ll call you tomorrow, which is Sunday… I got a big article to put up about a trip to springfield to try the new Michelob Ultra Amber

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