Jones Soda Holiday Pack Review

Posted on 23. Nov, 2005 by in Half-Assed Posts

Jones Soda

It’s finally here. We sampled the new Jones Soda Holiday Pack on Sunday. I finally edited the video and it’s now online for everyone to check out. You can see Keith, Josh & myself just about puking when we try the brussels sprout flavor.

It’s a four day weekend for me, so I may have some time to put some more stuff online for you to check out. Anyway, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to “Jones Soda Holiday Pack Review”

  1. Geoff

    26. Nov, 2005

    The Pumpkin Pie one isn’t horrible, the rest suck. Icky yucky bad.

  2. malcolm

    22. Mar, 2006

    I made the near fatal mistake of trying the turkey and gravy soda on a severely hungover new years morning… while driving home! …i nearly died! i niavly took a generous swig fully expecting the soda to be fantastic, something straight out of willy wonka’s chocolate factory, just what the doctor ordered: a nice turkey dinner to cure my burning alcohol assaulted belly…. i choked, i gagged, i urged… i actually went off the road! i didn’t die, but almost wished i had. thanks sis, for a great X-mas present… i’ll probably try it again next year.

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