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Concerts and Toons

Posted on 07. Aug, 2009 by .


A couple of days ago was the Warped Tour, and well, it’s the first time since 1996 that I actually missed the thing. I was actually planning on going. I even won some free tickets. But, 2 of my friends that I was going to go with, ended up not wanting to go. They were […]

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New NOFX cd coming in April!

Posted on 04. Mar, 2009 by .


Yeah, I didn’t write a new article yet. But, I actually am in the middle of a beverage review. I just haven’t finished drinking all the beverages yet. I’m waiting for the right time. You’ll see why in my upcoming review. Stay tuned… In other News…. NOFX is releasing they’re next album, Coaster, on April […]

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