THING: Have you seen Greg around here anywhere?

AFI Heart: Why would you want to see him, he's just a drunk?

THING: That lazy ass hasn't put up a new article on his website in weeks!!

AFI Heart: Well, I haven't seen him, and really could care less if you find him or not

THING: What the hell did you just say to me?!

AFI Heart: uhh, errr... nothing.. you know that really doesn't hurt me

THING: Oh really?! How About NOW!!!

AFI Heart: ohhh.. crap.. yeah.. that's it.. that hurts

THING: So are you going to tell me some info? or do I have to clobber you AND Greg?

AFI Heart: Go see skeletor, I saw them together about an hour ago. They were watching some new dvd or something

THING: Thanks PUNK!!!

AFI Heart: uhh.. yeah, no problem, now please loosen your grip

Skeletor: Hmmm... She looks like she would be fun to have a picnic with


Skeletor: always when I'm reading

Skeletor: Just a second!

THING: what are you doing?

Skeletor: nothing

Skeletor: so what's so important that you had to bother my reading?

THING: I need to find Greg, he's been slacking on updates on his website!

Skeletor: I don't know where he went, but I know who will know how to find him

Skeletor: Take this

THING: A bottle opener

Skeletor: YES, what did you think I was going to give you a lawn mower?

THING: Well, neither one makes sense to me

Skeletor: Take it to Dr. Nick, he'll know what to do

THING: You better not take me on a wild goose chase!.. or I'll clobber you!

Skeletor: You know, my magical powers can destroy you don't you?

THING: I doubt it, but I don't feel like arguing, so I'm off to find Dr. Nick

Skeletor: okay, good luck

THING: Good luck? Your an evil villian! Start acting like one!

Skeletor: Go to Hell!

THING: there, that's more like it!

Sy-Kill: Come on He-man!, all I want is one delicious chip!

He-man: Sorry, I was put in charge to guard this tower of potato goodness

Sy-Kill: It's a damn can of pringles! Just give me one!

He-Man: NO!, besides, I'm bigger than you

Sy-Kill: Touché

THING: Have either of you seen Dr. Nick?

He-Man: No, but I've seen a cool new dvd. It's the Best of He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Season 1 & 2

Sy-Kill: What are you getting money off those things?

He-Man: Hell yeah!, I had to record commentary tracks on each cartoon, it was a tough 3 weeks of work

Sy-Kill: That's the first time you've had to work in like 20 years

THING: Guys!, could you please tell me where Dr. Nick is!

Sy-Kill: Why don't you try his office, dingleberry!

THING: I was going to look there

Sy-Kill: Sure you were!

THING: you guys suck, later

Dr. Nick: ...And my assessment is that you are just Nuts!

Dr. Nick: Ahh, Thing!, you're here, Skeletor told me you'd be by

THING: So you know how to get Greg with this bottle opener?!

Dr. Nick: Yeah, just open up the fridge and I'll help you

THING: ITS Clobberin TIME!!.. Wooo... actually.. ITS FRIDGE OPENING TIME!! YEAH!

Dr. Nick: Man, it stinks in here

THING: Yeah, something's gone bad

Dr. Nick: Good, there's one beer left, lift me up on the yogurt

Dr. Nick: On the count of 3...... 1......2.......


THING: So what is this supposed to do?!

Dr. Nick: Just wait, we must hope that Greg heard the beer open

Dr. Nick: There he is!!

THING: AHHH!!, I'll get him

Dr. Nick: Follow Him!!

Greg: gulp gulp gulp

THING: grrrrr.... grrrrr

Greg: errr... huh?

THING: Why haven't you put new articles up on the site in a long time?!!

Greg: Awww Crap... don't cut my jugular please!

THING: I won't if you explain yourself

Greg: Okay, I've been at school, and I guess I've been lazy

THING: I thought your done will school now!

Greg: Well, yeah, I just got out

THING: Then, get to work on a new article before I have to cut you!

Greg: Fine!.. But I'm doing it because I want to, not because of you

THING: Well, I'm going to steal your beer now.. Greg: What?!

THING: mmmmmmmmmm...

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- Greg