Hey Again,
Well, I'm sure you read my first article about the Warped Tour, and how the concert was, now this would be part II of that article, in this, I'm going to show you everything I got inside the Bag.

In the midst of the Warped Tour, there are many merch tents, some give out free stuff, some have other gimmicks to have you buys stuff. Mostly the tents are for bands & record labels who want to pedal their warez.

There's the bag of stuff. I got a free bag from the epitaph booth filled with posters stickers and stuff. Everything else I picked up I just shoved inside the bag. You can also see the drumstick I caught poking out the top of the bag

The first thing I'll go over is the cd's I got from the bag. I picked up a bunch of cds.
Starting from the Top Left
Hopeless Records Summer 2005 Sampler - $1
Time Again EP - $5
Give Em the Boot III - $2.50
Summer of Victory Sampler - free
Rock Against Floyd - free
Give Em the Boot IV - $2.50
A Warcon postcard - free
Warcon sticker - free
Sub-City sticker - free
Okay, in this group, there's a couple things to mention, I met the band 'Time Again', while I was at the hellcat records booth. The had me listen to their cd, then they asked me if I wanted to buy it. I really thought it was good, so I thought, what the hell, it's only 5 bucks. The 'Rock Against Floyd' cd is a 'Fat Wreck Chords' Sampler. It's a rip off the 'Rock against Bush' cd. You see, every year for the past like 4 years, Fat Wreck Chords has released a new floyd compilation at every warped tour. And the cover is always a parody of another album cover. There's a story behind the Warcon stuff. I signed up for their mailing list, then they let you spin this wheel, There were many prizes, like t-shirts, cds, etc. I ended up getting a sticker and postcard, nothing that special.

This next thing of stuff is:
A backpack from Fuse TV - free
A shorter version of Mad Magazine - free
Stuff in the Fuse Backpack:
A wristband that says 'Half Monkey, Half Music' - free
A pin that says 'Uranium' with the metal sign - free
Another useless postcard, with all the bands names on it - free
There's not much to say about the stuff here, The backpack came in handy to carry extra swag. The Mad Magazine that I got was only like 15 pages long and 5 of those were advertisements. It did have a fold-in, and a spy vs spy in there though.

Okay, the next set of stuff I got:
Punk Rock Confidential Magazine - $1
Monster Energy Drink Sticker - free
Dropkick Murphy's Poster, signed! - free
Trojan - Mint Tingle Condom - free
Drumstick caught from My Chemical Romance - free
Another stupid postcard
The punk rock confidential Mag is great! It's like a zine all about punks. It's like a people magazine for punk rockers or something. It's really great. Hopefully they make more issues of this. The cover price on it says $3.95, but I got it for $1. I got to meet the Dropkick Murphy's at their tent, and they signed a poster for me. The normally hand out condoms at this type of thing, but this year they gave out Mint Tingle brand. It says on the package that it has a mint flavor & scent, plus it's a bright vivid color. Woohoo!, I wonder if that means it's glow in the dark?

Here's some stuff that was in the Epitaph bag
Epitaph Sampler cd - free
Bad Religion sticker - free
Rancid Radio ad sticker - free
Epitaph Scratch off game - free
Epitaph Scratcher rules/prizes - free
NorthEast Records sticker - free
Pennywise - The Fuse sticker - free
Epitaph pin - free
Give Em the Boot Movie poster - free
Sheet of Epitaph Bands stickers - free
Some of this stuff was really cool. The sampler cd is great, I like just about all the bands on it, and its nice to have all those stickers. The Rancid Radio sticker, says to check out Rancid Radio Every Saturday Night on XM Satellite channel Fungus 53. I didn't win anything on the Epitaph scratcher thing. Some of the best prizes were ipods, ipod shuffles, the entire epitaph catalog & the entire hellcat catalog.

Here's a couple of the bags I got, well, you already saw the Epitaph one, here's the Hopeless Records one that I also got. Yes, nothing really exciting here.

Some various posters:
Motion City Soundtrack poster - free
Time Again poster - free
Dropkick Murphy's poster - free
Since I've grown out of hanging tons of posters on my wall, mostly because I've moved like 5 times in the past 5 years, these posters will probably just end up piled up in the closet

The final thing in my bag is a sweet Transplants shirt. I picked this out and I paid $12 bucks for it.

Well, that's it for the swag that I picked up from the Warped Tour this year. I didn't spend much money, but I walked away with a ton of stuff. Most of my money was spent on water there. In the UMB Bank Pavilion, it costs 4 bucks for a 20 ounce bottle of water. That's insane!!!
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- Greg