Well, I decided to go to my cousin's graduation party. I thought it'd be the usual stuff, drink some beer, have some food, and play some washers. What's this? Tom built a new game for us all to play. For some reason no one could give me a specific answer to what the game is called. They were calling it several things:
Hoosier Horseshoes, Hoosier Washers, Hillbilly Toss, White Trash Thingamabob. Anyway, I think the actual name is Hillbilly Golf.

Okay, So there's the playing field. It's pretty simple looking set up very much like a game of horseshoes or maybe a game of washers. The concept is similar.

The Rules

Each person has 3 sets of balls. HA-HA.. Okay, it's hard not to laugh. So you have 2 golf balls with a string attaching the 2 together. What you do is throw it to the other side and try to get it on a rail. The top rail is worth 1 point, the middle rail is worth 3 points, and the bottom rail is worth 2 points.

I asked my cousin, Rob, to elaborate some more on the rules. Click on the picture of him above for a video explanation of the rules.

We started having a set of balls wrap around 2 rails. We decided if you wrapped around a 1 point & 3 point rail or a 2 point & 3 point rail with one throw you should get the points for both rails. We had to come up for a name for that. So, we decide a 'boner' is the best name for that.

Yep, that's right, a boner is the name we gave to it. Then we had to come up with a name if you get a ball on each rail. We decided to call that a 'sack'.

So, there's a team of 2 players, just like washers. You throw your 3 sets of balls, then the other team throws their sets of balls. If the white team gets three points and the red team gets 5, you do some simple subtraction and the red team would end up with 2 points.

Everything is unpredictable when playing this game. For example we came into a little conundrum where someone's balls weren't hanging from a rail, but hanging from someone elses balls.

Luckily, Rob was there again to explain what happens in this situation. Click on him again to see another video on what happens if someones balls are hanging from someone elses balls.

He knew exactly what that was called. He called it a 'Wanger'. Everyone else came up with their own little names for the new manuever. Dan, wanted no part, and he just begged me not to show the tape to my mom. So, Mom if you are on this my site looking at this, Dan made us all say bad stuff! hahaha

So, it seems that we all had a blast playing this game. Thanks Tom for bringing it over. Now all the neighbors are probably wondering why we were talking about playing with our balls and getting excited when we get a boner!