Birthday Cake M&M’s


Today when I went down the candy aisle to pick up some Junior Mints, I found some M&Ms that I’ve never seen before, Birthday Cake M&M’s. There’s no “New” labeled on these, so I’m assuming they’ve been around awhile. However, a quick Google search shows me that they’ve just recently hit the shelves.


The size of these things are a little bit smaller than the pretzel M&M’s, but larger than the Milk Chocolate.


These things taste like they upgraded the original Milk Chocolate M&M’s. They have a chocolate cake with vanilla icing taste. These taste great. It wasn’t a flavor that I was actually looking for, but I could definitely eat a big bag of these. In my opinion, they aren’t as good as Pretzel or Peanut. Although, they’re still worth a buy. If you like chocolate cake, you’re gonna like these.