Quincy, M.E. – The Punk Rock Episode


Ever since the late Jack Klugman passed away back last December, I’ve been meaning to do sort of a tribute. But, it’s more of a tribute to an episode of “Quincy, ME”, entitled “Next Stop, Nowhere”. Or as most people may know it, the punk rock episode of Quincy.


This episode was heavily traded back in the day, along with Marilyn Manson on Donahue talking about the dangers of “Moshing”. With the internet, and just about every tv show put on a dvd box set, it’s so much easier to find stuff. So, I fired up Netflix and found it, Season 8, Episode 8.


The episode starts out at a Punk Rock club, a bunch of “punks” are all anxious to see the band “Mayhem”. We meet a girl named Abby. She looks out of place at the punk rock club so her friend says “her face needs some punking up”. In the bathroom, her friend gives her some “ludes”. Her Mom doesn’t wanna her to see Zach anymore. But she showed up to see him.


The band starts by insulting the crowd saying they’re ugly. Then singing a song saying “I wanna see you choke”. Zach goes out on the floor to “slam dance” He says he’ll push anyone out of his way. Well, he ends up on stage, then thrown on the floor. While on the floor he gets trampled a few times. He gets pissed and pulls out an ice pick. The pick gets karate chopped out of his hands on to the floor, then he gets stabbed with his own pick.


So, Quincy examines the body. Has his better than you attitude saying “I wonder why anyone would want to dress like it’s halloween everyday” It’s confirmed, he’s been stomped and stabbed. It’s funny watching Quincy after seeing anything currently on tv. It’s so tame. They don’t even show the body or the scars. I’ve seen more graphic scenes on an episode of Sesame Street.

Her counselor comes in and tells Quincy on how bad Abby is. Hanging out with Zach, burning cigarette holes in her arms, ripping her clothes to shreds. It’s all because of the god-forsaken punk rock music.


So, Quincy goes down to the punk rock club to investigate. He is told about “slam dancing” and how it’s so violent. He looks like he’s going to cry just watching the pit.


Abby all depressed over the loss of her “boyfriend”, Zach, gets a lecture from her mother. Her mom says he wasn’t good for her anyway. She doesn’t want her hanging with that crowd. Abby gets pissed tells her mom to get out of her room and says that she hates her! “Get out!, Get out!”


I’m not going to spoil the whole thing for you. But, it basically is saying punk rock is the most horrible thing in the world. It’ll make you hurt and kill people. Bah! Like the same thing they say about video games now. In the end, they never really say it, but it’s the drugs that mainly affected a person to stab Zach. Of course, this was 1982.


Anyway, my late teen years, I spent a lot of time listening to punk rock and going to punk rock shows. I’ve always felt that every may dress different, but they’re all friendly. It’s a good feeling being in the pit, falling down and a fellow punker sticks out their hand to pick you up. It’s common courtesy, and it’s basic rules of moshing in the pit. I’ve realized that when I would go to shows with more popular bands there would be stupider people in the pit. People that don’t know how mosh, they would swing fists and hurt people. Ulcer has a name for these people, Jocko!

So, that’s my public service announcement. And in conclusion, Punk Rock is perfectly safe. Go out and skank in the pit.