Countdown to TDKR – Batman Pez

About 4 years ago, I posted an article about all the pez dispensers I own. Well, today, I add to that collection, 4 Batman dispensers. Since these are fairly new, it’ll take about 50 or so years before I can cash in and retire from these.

However, there are a few Batman dispensers that will make you some money….

The above Batman dispenser is from the 60s. This can go for about $100 bucks. Sadly, even if I did own this thing, I’d probably never sell it. It could be worth 1 cent or a million bucks and I probably wouldn’t part with it. Okay, wait, who am I kidding? If it was a million, I’d be getting rid of it immediately. I’d be like, Batman who?

In other news.. I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. I can’t say anything about it until it’s release. So, I’ll have my full review up on tomorrow morning.

– Greg