Countdown to TDKR – Mountain Dew Dark Berry

We’ve got just under a month until the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Every passing day gets me more and more excited for this movie. Until then, we’ll look at some of the greatest (and not so great) moments in Batman history.

Today, we’ll look at the first (and possibly only) product promotion for The Dark Knight Rises. Mountain Dew brings us “Mountain Dew – Dark Berry”

I only got the normal 12 oz cans. Apparently, they also come in a 16 oz “cold activated” can where a bat shows up on the can when it gets cold. I’m sure you can find those at any gas station, but since I was at the grocery store, I only found the 12 packs of 12 oz cans, so I’ll live.

The can is pretty nice, similar to what Dr. Pepper is doing with The Avengers. They’re plastering the TKR logo and Batman all over these things.

The color is amazing, a very “Dark” Blue. It’s not quite purple. And it smells exactly like Blueberry or Berry Blue Koolaid. I love Berry Blue Koolaid!

Unfortunately, this isn’t very sweet at all. From the smell & the color, you thing this soda is going to taste like pure sugar. Well, it doesn’t, in fact, it tastes kinda bland. Tastes like a watered down Mountain Dew with a hint of Berry. So, it’s got a cool concept and awesome color, but the flavor just leaves you with blue lips.

Batman probably should of associated himself with this, he needs to go back to hitting the McDonalds drive thru.

– Greg