Limited Edition – Pebbles Boulders

Yabba Dabba Doo.. I’m back with another cereal review!

Today we look at a limited edition version of Pebbles called “Pebbles Boulders”. Sounds like a strange oxymoron. It’s touted to have “Stone Age Caramel Taste”. Since I love caramel apples, I figured this should be wonderful. Although, I wonder why they release a caramel apple flavor during the Summer? Isn’t that more of a Fall time treat? Oh well.

When I opened up the bag, I the scent just about knocked me over. It is a strong caramel scent. Way too strong. I got the same reaction when I opened some leftovers from some forgotten leftovers in the back of the fridge.

After pouring it out in a bowl, I noticed that there’s way more caramel boulders than apple “bones” This definitely overpowers the taste. It just isn’t good. I would say it’s up there with the worst cereal I’ve ever had. Yuck. It’s got a horrible aftertaste as well. Stay away from this stuff! But, if you must try it, have some Listerine handy to clean the rancid taste outta your mouth.

– Greg