Whiplash Whopper


Well, it seems the summer movie season is on it’s way. Marvel’s big Iron Man franchise is back with Iron Man II. How do you promote something as epic as a new comic book movie? You create a burger named after the new villian and sell it at Burger King! Introducing… the Whiplash Whopper!


Don’t get this confused with the He-Man villian, Whiplash. He never had his own Sandwich. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about the Iron Man universe. All I really know is he’s going to be played by Mickey Rourke in the movie.


Like any other specialty item, you can get it with fries and a drink for a discounted price. I was lucky enough to get a free onion ring inside my fries. With that kinda luck, who needs the lottery?


The burger is like a normal whopper, except they’ve dressed it up a little. They’ve added pepperjack cheese, a spicy sauce, & spicy jalapeƱo crumbles. I didn’t look up if they’re actually called crumbles, but thats the name I came up with.


In review, I have to quote Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction:
“Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger”
It’s actually really good. If you like your burgers a little spicy, this thing is done up right. It had a little more kick than I thought it would have. But, don’t worry, I can take it. I defeated the Whiplash Whopper. If I only had some IronMan Ice Cream for dessert.