Taco Bell’s Bacon Ranch Tortada


When it comes to late night food, I have many options. I’m lucky enough to live drunk walking distance from a Steak n’ Shake, Jack in the Box, & White Castle. But, I can usually get the most food for the money at Taco Bell. But, when I see a new food item on their menu, I usually have to try it. Yep, I’m the guy that had to stop by Taco Bell on Halloween to get my free Black Taco.


Today, I’m trying the new Tortada at Taco Bell. They come in 2 flavors, Salsa Roja & Bacon Ranch. Since, I’ve seen about 5000 reviews of the Salsa Roja one, I decided to go for the Bacon Ranch. Anything with bacon can’t be bad, right?! You can see they don’t have any special wrapper for the tortada, so don’t expect it to be around soon.


On the commercial, they get it confused with a sandwich, and well, it does kind of look like a sandwich; square grilled sandwich. But, that’s about where it ends. I hate this design! One thing I like about eating a burrito or a taco there’s a certain way to eat it. With this, whichever way you try to eat it, all the insides are falling out. I would of been happier if it was just all rolled up.


To be honest, I like about everything on the taco bell menu. But, this thing I was really disappointed in. The tortada shell (or wrap?) was awful. It tasted like a burnt potato chip that you would find in a generic bag of chips. That really tainted the insides. If these insides were wrapped in a flour tortilla, it would of been so much better. Bacon.. good, ranch… good, chicken… good. Unfortunately, mixed with the tortada shell, it made it awful. Sorry, Taco Bell, but this is one limited time menu item that I won’t miss.