Christmas Shopping

So, the last couple weeks have been a little hectic for me. Well, they’ve kept me busy enough to neglect “half-assed productions” for awhile.

I told you I was going to be going to all the Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving. Well, as usual it was crazy. Toys R Us was opening their doors at Midnight on Thanksgiving. So, that would be our first stop. Since it was opening up so early. We didn’t get a chance to sleep. Thank God for Coffee.

Here’s what Toys R Us looked like when we got there at 11:30pm. It was crazy! The line was at least a mile long, literally. In the video, I start at the back of the line, and walk beside the line at a decent pace, to the front. You can see how long it takes me to get to the front of the line. Of course we decided it was a bad idea to get in the line. So, we headed off to our next stop “Old Navy”.

“Old Navy” didn’t have a line at all. It was only midnight, and they weren’t opening until 3am. So, we had plenty of time to wait. I guess you’re wondering why we were at Old Navy? They were giving away a free copy for “Lego Rock Band” if you spent 20 bucks there. So, that would be easy. We waited in our car to keep warm until about 12:30, when people started to get in line. Uggh.. We were going to have to wait in the cold. So, we ended up being about 10th in line. But, there was still 2 1/2 hours of waiting. So, a couple of us when across the street to get some White Castle. What better way to keep warm in line, than some Whiteys!


About 10 minutes before 3am, an Old Navy employee came out and gave the first people in line wristbands for the “Lego Rock Band” game. We got them for our console of choice. Hooray! I got a copy, some new jeans and a couple pairs of boxers, yay!


After that we went to Walmart for a few things for their 5am sale. It was freakin crazy there, like it always is. Apparently, everyone was at Walmart. After that I picked up a few things at a couple other places, then we went to Waffle House for Breakfast. Like Jim Gaffigan says, “If you’ve never been to a Waffle House, it’s kind of like a Gas Station Bathroom, that sells Waffles”.

After being awake for over 24 hours, I got most my Christmas shopping done. The rest I was able to complete online. Amazon really does have EVERYTHING.