8 Days Until Halloween: Evil Pizza

It seems these days, many products are becoming “Halloween-ized”. Some change their product completely for the season. For example, York Peppermint Patties changed their round shape into a bat shape, and renamed them to York Peppermint Batty. Other products, just change their packaging. They’ll add a pumpkin or put their character in a Halloween Costume. Unfortunately, today’s post is about one of the latter.


Yes, Tombstone, has branded themselves “The Official Pizza of Halloween”. All they did was put a jack-o-lantern on packaging. They didn’t arrange the pepperonis in the shape of a jack-o-lantern on the pizza or carve the pepperonis as little pumpkins. They just give you a normal run of the mill pizza. C’mon Tombstone! Really? This makes you the “official” pizza of Halloween? How about a pumpkin flavored pizza or some special spider toppings. It’s just a boring pizza.

Anyway, aside from that, Wal-Mart actually did a clever thing with this pizza. Look at the price, it’s $3.33. That means if you buy 2 of these pizzas, it’s $6.66. Yep, 666, the number of the beast. I proclaim this pizza to be Evil!


update: You won’t believe this, but wordpress, the software I’m using for half-assed productions, automatically labeled the pizza picture as 666, I guess it’s the 666th picture. Here’s the end of the line of code as proof: /uploads/2009/10/pizza.jpg" alt="pizza" title="pizza" width="377" height="563" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-666"