50 Days Until Halloween: Spooky Dog Toys

Last week, I got a dog. His name is “Chance”. I didn’t get to name him, since he is already a year old. He’s a very friendly dog, and finally starting to adjust to his new digs. I don’t have any pictures, besides a fuzzy one I uploaded to twitter. Anyway, I do have a point to this.

Since I got the dog, I’ve been browsing the pet aisle more than I normally would. Thats when I found out that they have Halloween related items for dogs, too!


There are several different Halloween Dog Toys; all for Wal-Mart’s “low” price of $5 bucks. These basically look like poorly designed carnival toys that were discarded and re-labeled as pet toys. They look very cheap, but if you must get your dog a Halloween chew toy, you can choose from: Pumpkins, Ghosts, Smiling Candy Corns, Spiders, & Witches.


Similarly to the toys, they have dog treats shaped like bats, pumpkins, candy corns, & ghosts. I don’t know if they taste like pumpkin, since I’ve decided I’m not going to be trying these. I wonder who actually buys these for their pet. Okay, the toys I can understand, it’s something that the dog will play with during the fall months. But, dog treats shaped like pumpkins? Do dogs really care about shapes? I’ve seen my dog eat anything from his own vomit to a cockroach.