56 Days Until Halloween: The Misfits


Sticking with the Halloween theme. I’d like to introduce you to one of the most innovative bands of all time, The Misfits.

Unfortunately, for me, I was too young to have been listening to the Misfits when the original lineup was around. When I got to Junior High, I do recall a few kids at the Bus Stop with Misfits shirts on. But, I was too busy with my Nintendo trying to save the princess and kill the Mother Brain.

It wasn’t until I was older, about 12 years ago, that I started listening to old school Misfits. It’s weird that in the mid-late 90s, while I was really into punk, I never really listened to the Misfits. I stuck with the Epitaph / Nitro / Fat Wreck Chords Bands.


The band basically started the whole Horror-core Punk genre while popularizing the Devil-Lock hairstyle. Their music is fast & catchy punk rock mixed with lyrics of the macabre. With songs about alien abductions, killing sprees, zombies, & ghouls, they’ve earned their place into your Halloween music mix.

The popular singer, Glenn Danzig, fronted the band in it’s first 6 years from 1977 – 1983. Then they broke up, then got back together with a different singer. I would say, they still sound good, but it’s just not the same as they were with Danzig.
Danzig _was_ The Misfits.


Even their box-set was creepy. The cds were encased in mini coffin lined with red velvet. It’s a must have for collectors!

You can bet they were huge fans of the Halloween Season as well. They have 2 songs about Halloween, entitled Halloween & Halloween II. Of course, the original Halloween is the best. Here’s a few of my favorites:



Mommy, Can I go Out And Kill Tonight?

Teenagers for Mars

Night of the Living Dead

If you like any of these songs, I suggest you check out their 2 collection albums, “Collection I” & “Collection II”. They’re kind of like greatest hits albums of The Misfits. You can download the mp3s from amazon.com for real cheap. Or get them from your favorite online / box store.

The Misfits popularity still exists today. Several Bands have covered their work including NOFX, Guns N Roses, Alkaline Trio, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphys, Metallica…. The list goes on and on. The Misfits are a band like no other!


PS: Jay – Yes, I know.. they’re from New Jersey.